Monday, November 2, 2015

All The Rock Podcast Episode 031

ATR 20151102 031 Setlist

Subrig Destroyer - Sweetie
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Sun City Girls - Cruel and Thin
Sunn 0))) and Boris - Etna
Swans - New Mind
Swell Maps - Real Shocks
Talking Heads - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
Teeth - Medicine Out
The Adverts - No Time To Be 21
The B-52's - Hero Worship
The Beatles - Hey Bulldog
The Big Boys - Shut Up
The Breeders - Cannonball
The Buzzcocks - Pulse Beat
The Byrds - Eight Miles High
The Cars - You Might Think
The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out
The Clash - Brand New Cadillac
The Cramps - Love Me
The Cunts - Chemicals In The Mail
The Damned - Neat, Neat, Neat
The Dismemberment Plan - What Do You Want Me To Say
The Effigies - We're Da Machine
The English Beat - Click Click
The Fucking Champs - Amanda
The Gersch - Taekr
The Gruesomes - Your Lies
The Gun Club - Sex Beat
The Heavy Bombers - King On His Barstool
The Jam - All Mod Cons
The Jesters - Null Set
The Jesus Lizard - Starlet

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