Monday, June 22, 2015

All The Rock Podcast Episode 012

ATR 20150622 012 Setlist

Burzum - Jesus Is Dead
Can - I'm So Green
Da! - Dark Rooms
Elma - James Bronson
Fake Limbs - Your Comments Are Atrocious
Gang Of Four - The Trains Don't Run On Time
Helms Alee - Mad Mouth
Isis - Glisten
Joy Division - Heart and Soul
King Buzzo - Dark Brown a Teeth
Luca Brasi - Pill Popper
My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow
Nirvana - Very Ape
Old Man Gloom - Hot Salvation
Pulsars - Cold
Queens Of The Stoneage - Hanging Tree
Rye Coalition - Cigarette For A Drag Queen
Scratch Acid - Cannibal
Talking Heads - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
USS Horsewhip - Three a Dog Nightmare
Vindictives - Ugly American
Wellwater Conspiracy - The Ending
X-Ray Spex - The Day The World Turned Dayglo
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rich
Zeni Geva - Whiteout
Zeni Geva - Ground Zero
Earth - Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor

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